Care for the Environment

What is meaning of environment? Environment can be defined as surroundings in which any organism lives, but especially where people live. Why do we always say save the world? This is because the world is not a safe place to live on now because there are many pollution. Then, what is pollution? Pollution can be describe as action of making the environment dirty, dirty or harmful materials are put into the environment. Pollution also have many categories. For example, air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution and soil pollution.   Many of us heard the news about the pollution of the atmosphere has increased over the last 50 years, the pollution in the centre of town is so bad that people have started wearing face masks, the ice melting on the North Pole, the flood are everywhere cause from the rubbish thrown in the drain, factory that throw their waste in the seas and many more. All these pollution take along time to be fixed. For example, it took six months to clean up the oil pollution on the beaches, hundreds of years to dispose the plastic and many more. There are many ways to save our planet now.

First, we must reduce the usage of plastic bags. As you know, every time we went for shopping things, the supermarket gives you plastic bags to put your shopping in. As we know, plastic is difficult to be disposed of and it is hard to compose in soil. This is because the artificial plastic material made from petroleum. Plastic used to make many objects like our teeth brush, notebook, water bottle, mobile phone, slipper and many more. Although we are surrounded with plastics, we can help to reduce the usage. Plastic bags can be replaced with a paper bag or bag made from sack. Recently, in Malaysia, ‘No Plastic Bags Campaign’ was launched. The campaign was very well received by Malaysian, but the supermarkets still pamper consumers by imposing only 20sen if you want to use plastic bags . If this continues, the campaign would only be in vain.

In addition, we...