Care Cert


* Keep calm under pressure.
* To be able to undertake a range of personal care tasks and domestic duties.
* Be able to work on own initiative
* The ability to communicate with internal and external stakeholders
* Have Competent IT skills

A. All our responsibilities lie within the remit of the code of professional practice, and as such we should be working within the principles of the code of conduct to ensure we deliver the same professional standards to all service users, meaning we “Promote and Uphold the dignity, rights, health and well being of people who use care services and their carers at all times”

B. Again the company has a code of conduct for all staff to clarify that we all act within the law, statutory or regulatory codes relevant to our practices it also ensures we carry out our work within the standards expected by The Carers Trust. This means that we carry out our work to the correct standards and when adhered to all Carers from the Carers trust should be giving service users the same level of care.

C. With reference to Answer one my key Responsibilities are all set out within my Job description but in further detail giving me clear guidelines as to what is expected of me within my role as a Care support worker and individually to what extent tasks are expected although as with the Key skills set above a level of initiative is required if followed within the boundaries of what conduct, regulation and law allows.

D My staff hand book breaks down information regarding tasks and information regarding the company further still giving me further guidance as reference and support, to back up all other information supplied and provide me with a point of reference I can carry with me should I need to refer to it.

They set out clear perimeters for my job, for what is acceptable with in the role and what we should be doing for our service users. This mean that they help me do my job in the correct, safe...