Question 1 (a)

The following five quick carbon footprint questions answered were estimates or guesses in some cases.

Q7 Difficult to monitor all household energy use particularly as both my partner and I spend many months of the year overseas. (A good way of monitoring energy management is to simply look at quarterly energy bills. In our case they are quite low. (Looking at the green and non-green practice buttons I can identify a number of energy saving practices carried out in our home, which perhaps would explain our low bills.( For example all lights are LED and therefore have a very low consumption rating. Nearly everyone prefers showers to baths and everyone is conditioned not to leave lights on unnecessarily. (

I can see a few points under non-green practices where we all perhaps are not energy efficient, for example leaving electrical equipment on standby.( I would guess however that as a family we practice careful energy management, which is supported by low consumption data. (

Q8 The service records for my car indicate how many miles I have covered in one year. As I have a fairly fuel-efficient mid-sized diesel engine car close to the average fuel consumption in appendix A I haven’t made any adjustments.(   I do however travel quite often as a passenger in other people’s cars and I clearly don’t record this mileage. I have therefore had to make a pure guess as to what this mileage might be.   (

Q10 I don’t routinely commute to work being based at home. I don’t record time on public transport, which I use infrequently. This entry is at best an educated guess therefore.(

Q12 This is a tricky question for me because not only do I spend my time between two homes one in the UK and Spain I’m also a qualified pilot flying for pleasure and business.( In addition some schedule flying trips are both Business and personal related. I have had to look deep inside my diary and made adjustments for example halving the flying time where the trip is both...