Capstone Week 9 Psy/240

I have to say that I have learned quite a few interesting concepts while taking this class, one of my favorites was learning nature vs. nurture.   My goal is to be a special needs teacher so this information was very informative to me.   I have been working in this field for over 10 years so I can definitely take what I have learned and implement it in teaching life skills.   Also, I have to say learning the basic structures and functions of neurons and synapses in the brain was quite interesting as well as the conduction of action potentials and activation of neurotransmitters.   It was really fun and creative breaking this information down to explain to a young child in a way they could understand it.   I found it very refreshing reading my classmates ideas as well.   Of course since I am working in the special needs industry the 8th week was interesting because we learned about different disorders and diseases.   I have worked with a lot of children many of them being dually diagnosed, getting a more depth understanding of these disorders helps me to understand why many of them say, do, and act the way they do at times.   I feel when you are teaching someone you have to first learn “how” to teach them in a way they will understand.   If I can learn how to teach the population in which I want to teach by learning why they do some of the things they do, both myself and my students will be successful in their education.