Capstone Dealing with Majority Groups

Capstone CheckPoint

The information concerning better understanding and relating to specific minority groups was interesting, these minority groups basically deal with the same problems and have had to face the same issues maybe more than others but the problems have remained the same, prejudice because of one’s skin color and stereotyping, to deal with the attitude that comes from white America and how he or she shows a sign of superiorly over people that come e from a different culture.  
As I look at my culture Native American Indians, it seems that as new generations begin, the old traditions remain, mixed with younger ideas, better educated Native American Indians.   Changes to this culture have been slow because not all reservations have been successful in creating financial stability for his or her tribe.   Some have been able to build casinos that produce revenue for the community while others are not so lucky due to the locations of the reservation.   Some have been able to purchase land and create farms but there is still the issue of United States involvement regarding cheating and using the land as a dump for the United States own purpose.  
40.6 million U.S. residents will identify themselves as Asian or Asian-American combined in the year 2050; this compared to 15.5 Asian or Asian American combine in 2008.   This is an increase of 39.1 million U.S. residents who are either Asian or Asian American combined over a period of 42 years and a 162 percent increase.  
This country is not prepared for the upcoming changes that will take place.   There is a shift of power that is taking place between the Whites of America and other Asian or Native Americans.