Capstone Checkpoint

For this project, I put together a human resource assistance plan and its aids that support the organization’s tactical plan by assisting the company in staying active in response to management change. Furthermore, this plan helps prepare employees and management with accepting and responding to modifications in technology and the environment. For a company to be prosperous, together management and human resources require several responsibilities. Each department must be certain that everything stays on a professional level, keeping their eyes on the behaviors of employees. The human assistance plan will aid the manager by being certain that he or she can run a group. The plan allows every employee in the business to work as a team to maximize their talents. The organization tasks will advance by means of goals and preparation. This plan in addition will put in position rules for restraint – analyzing the method of production, and changing ideas if the certain goals are not being achieved. This is the responsibility manager. If he or she cannot inspire, manage, and guide his or her employees, the business will ultimately fail.
I have designed a plan with tools that focus on helping management and the human resource department by developing a well-organized selection method that allows them to choose the best job candidates. Each employee will be very productive in this system. The company’s new interview process will allow the company to choose the best group of candidates. Because the company does not have the time for lengthy training of potential job candidates with skills that have yet to be developed, this plan will make sure that only highly skilled candidates will be hired so the company can focus on the training. The company’s selection of recruitment processes will choose the employee most accomplished for the job, and each employee will have the resources to learn quickly.
When an employee is hired, he or she will benefit from this plan because the...