Capital Punishment

"Capital Punishment"
Throughout the United States of America the death penalty, or execution, is a means of punishment used to put an individual to death from a crime or crimes that they have committed.   The crimes resulting in the death sentence are capital offenses or capital crimes including aggravated murder, drug trafficking and crimes related to homicide (Moore 17).   Most societies have practiced the death penalty in the past, but have now abolished the practice due to controversies fueled by religions, political ideologies, and laws concerning the protection of human rights.   The United States still practices the death penalty mostly by lethal injection.   I believe that the death penalty should be used only in crimes that have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
The death penalty is an issue that a number of people found controversial and often have different opinions regarding its uses.   There is the person who firmly supports the death penalty, especially the victims of violent crimes, whereas others feel that the government should abolish it (Moore 18).   On the other hand, there is a club of individuals that feel the death penalty should be applied only in specific cases.   I am such a person, and believe that the death penalty should only be incorporated in the case of an unforgivable crime such as serial murderers, rapists, and premeditated murder.   However, it should be noted that crime is evident in the society we live in, and everyone is aware that it should be stopped at whatever cost and that not every crime should be punished by the death penalty (Radelet 19).   The death penalty has been there since the Babylonian times, and most countries have adopted it, abolished and others have decided to apply it in specific instances.
Those supporting the idea of the death penalty argue that it is aimed at deterring future criminals who would be capable of committing vicious crimes. The deterrence is important in the society as a person will think twice...