Cap & Trade

Capstone Project Assessment

I have been researching and finding lots of materials on CAP & TRADE and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions.   So far, I have been trying to sort information and using my outline to help guide me in an orderly sequence for this project.
I have not started the actual writing on my project because I am still going through the outline and getting information on each section.   The more I research, the more I have to organize.   This is the largest project I have ever attempted and I think will be the most difficult.
My bibliography is getting larger and I hope to finish researching and getting the paper written soon.
The first part of my paper will be on an overview of H.R. 2454 which is the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.   I will cover this bill and what goals it will try to obtain.   Hopefully, I can show what effects both pro and con that can happen it the bill becomes law.
The second part of my paper will be on the history of greenhouse gas emissions and the history of laws passed to reduce the effects.   Also, I’ll cover the development of emissions trading and the four phases:   Gestation, proof of principle, prototype and regime formation.   We all know that this problem will lead to destroying the ozone layer and something needs to be done.   This is a global problem that will have to be attacked globally in order to actually make a difference.  

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Next will the economic effects of this bill.   How much will it cost?   Will the cost of utilities increase and how many jobs might be lost.   Who will benefit the most?   Will the benefits outweigh the costs?  
The next section is the benefits of International trading and the five trading systems:   Kyoto Protocol, Australia, European Union, New Zealand, and the U.S. I will cover how much these systems cost and the benefits.  
Finally, the conclusion of Cap and Trade, will it really be worth the cost?   If it isn’t enforced globally, how much will it lower...