Cancer Imporatance

What is the top three main cause’s of cancer? Explain?
The top main three main causes of cancer are:
• Smoking
• Dietary Imbalances
• Chronic infections leading to Chronic   Inflammation

Why the three main does causes cancer?
Smoking causes cancer by:
• Smoking cause cancer by ingredients known as carcinogens. Carcinogen literally means "cancer-causing." Cigarettes also contain nicotine, but this is not what causes cancer. Nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that one becomes addicted to. The other cigarette ingredients are what make it deadly. Tar is one of the many carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes. Tar contains over 4,000 chemicals. Over 60 of those chemicals are known carcinogens, all of which are deadly. On the list of carcinogens in cigarettes are:
Cyanide: Poisonous to brain and heart.
Benzene: Used to make plastic and rubber products.
Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead bodies and body parts.
Methanol: Wood alcohol.
Ammonia: Used as a cleaning agent and to fertilize crops.
Acetylene: Used to fuel welding torches.
• When a cigarette is lit, all the chemicals in it react with one another in such a way that alters the way a healthy cell behaves. Healthy cells grow, make new cells and then die. Cells grow faster during childhood, but this process slows down by the time we reach adulthood. By then, most cells in the body are made only to take the place of the ones that die. However, carcinogens affect a cell's DNA, causing damage that causes the cells to behave differently. The damaged DNA in cancer cells is not fixed and causes cells to grow and make new cells in a way that is not orderly and healthy, but out of control. The damaged cells make new damaged and unhealthy cells that can spread throughout the body causing death and disease.

Dietary Imbalances causes cancer by:
• Excess fat and calories; inadequate intake of fruits, vegetables, fiber, and calcium
• Eating inappropriate foods causes cancer, because subtle...