Canadian Pioneers Essay Outline

Upon reading the Canadian Pioneers-A New Definition of an Old Idea by Janine Beach essay I felt frustrated and it created a sense of confusion to me. The Canadian Pioneer essay made me question my identity in the society at the same time I also realized that you get labeled according to your race and that cultural stereotyping even exists today in a place like Canada. All of the issues discussed in the “Canadian Pioneers” essay are what makes up the society today.
First Body Paragraph (Topic Sentence)
Our society is like a jungle because every human has an identity in the society, but after reading the “Canadian Pioneers” essay I am trying to find where I belong in the society.
• Just like Janine Beach I belong to a certain race but if I am judged by my race in the society then what about my individuality.
• Janine Beach has no individuality in the society because she is constantly judged according to her race which is proven by this quote “ My surname which is five letters long and begins with the letter B has been mistaken for “BLACK” more times than I care to remember” (2). If your name is being judged by your race than what is your place in society?
• This essay can be related to other topics in the world such as terrorism which is caused by some people who are associated with Muslims, but this doesn’t mean that every Muslim is a terrorist.  
The actions of certain individuals from a particular race, group, or religion give the rest of the society an opinion about every individual from that group, race, or religion.

Second Body Paragraph (Topic Sentence)
Every person can be labeled as good, bad, nice, rude, but why do you have to be labeled according to your race?
• Janine Beach is being referred as a Canadian Pioneer even though she was born in Ontario, Canada.
• This quote explains Janine’s point of view based on being labeled by your race “Me and my friends are aware that we...