Canada's Healthcare

Healthcare in Canada is currently a primarily public system, which is a publicly funded system, known as Medicare. There are five principles set to this system: universality, comprehensiveness, public administration, portability and accessibility. Some may say that Canada’s current healthcare system is not a healthy one, and does not meet the standards set by these five principles. Others are satisfied with the service and funding received when in they have been in need of care, and are also grateful for Canada’s system success when compared to some other countries. Also there are many people that want to change the system completely, making private for profit health facilities an alternative to the publicly funded system, in an attempt to possibly improve present services and meet the principles set by the Canada Health Act. Is Canada going towards more of a two tier system? Will funding or quality of services change in the public system, in an attempt to maintain its dominant status? Can the private healthcare system take over completely? This report will explore the pros and cons of both the private and public healthcare systems in Canada, and new possible options for Canadians in the near future.

Is Canada’s Healthcare System Healthy?
A Look at Public and Private Healthcare in Canada

There are two men. Jim and Joe, who both need new hips. Joe is your typical average "Joe" mid income, factory labouring, Canadian citizen. Jim helps run 2 businesses and is also an economically successful entrepreneur himself. Both men go to a publicly funded health organization to schedule an appointment for surgery, and are put onto a waiting list of about a years wait, when the pain and time to get the surgery is necessary now!....Joe waits in pain. Jim goes to a private clinic sets an appointment and within 2 weeks and thousands of dollars later he’s good as new. Is this fair to Joe? Canada is currently a publicly funded healthcare system with a few public...