Can You Tell Me a Well Known Impact Crusher Brand?

Crusher before the start of the preparatory work: First you should check and tighten the main bearings and connecting rod bearings and other components lining part of all connections, check the foundation bolts are tightened to check and adjust the wedge in the fixed fastening piece, check the spring and the drive belt tension, but also check the flywheel fixed key, etc., and eliminate the identified problems. At the same time, we must check the lubrication system and bearing lubrication, and check the lubrication crusher thrust plate and moving jaw mandrel cup with oil if there is oil. Pressure oil lubrication, oil pump must be switched on and pay attention to check current situation. Check the drive belt is good; that there is oil on the belt or pulley, you should immediately wipe off. Also check protective devices is good. Check and remove the jaw bore ore or debris.More well-known impact crusher of the abroad company, Japan"s Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the German company of HKD, Spain Rover firms and so on. But impact crusher relatively late development in China, to the 1950s, China has really broken machine. Thus, China"s crushing and screening equipment, mostly 50"s came out. In the 1980s, we made impact crusher is limited to processing the hard materials of coal and limestone. Until the late 1980s China has introduced KHD-type hard rock impact crusher, it filled a gap-free of high hardness crusher. But the technology was behind twenty years to abroad. Limestone processing is the majority choice in milling machine industries, that widely used in construction, decoration, roads, power plants, and many other fields. Traditional limestone processing technology using tube grinder or ball mill to completed, easy to cause big noise, big pollution and big power consumption of the "three big" problems.slag powder production line: