Can We Talk

“Can We Talk” Role of Communication in Marriage

Samantha Hernandez
Com 220: Interpersonal Communication
Kathryn Looney
September 5, 2011

Communication 1

Self-disclosure is a simple at least on the surface approach to communication that involves sharing information about you, history, present, emotions and thoughts. The concept is very simple. I can relate to disclosure in several relationships for example I was in a relationship where I wasn’t sharing all my past and thoughts as much the reason is why I find it hard to show my feelings since I struggle with depression and anxiety. There would always been problems in the relationship we would be fighting since we both had problems confiding in each other. The relationship did not last long only two months I found it hard to show my emotions and information on my history since it was hard to trust my boyfriend at the time. I think having disclosure in a relationship it makes it stronger and lasts longer. Self-disclosure is important in a relationship and is directly related to great satisfaction in your relationship with your partner. You can be in a relationship for years and still not know everything about your partner. So every day, or every couple days, even if it is only for ten minutes of your time, try to learn something about your partner. Everyday something different or new can occur in someone’s life, so you can start there. Learn or talk about feelings or goals in your partner’s life, as those things can change on. I believe that both men and women need “affective affirmation”. Although men do seem to need more physical, hands on love such as holding hands and kissing, from my perspective they show just as much need for the intangible love of words and gentle actions that women seem to need more. Either way people are different, what works for one won’t necessarily work for another. When you communicate non-verbally, you use your voice, actions and your body to send messages. Some of...