Cafs Irp: Analysis and Discussion

Analysis and Discussion
In these questionnaires and interviews, teenager and adult’s attitude towards
people with physical disabilities is very clearly. They all accept disabled
people so these results are support my research topic.
Discuss results
In this research project I have used both primary and secondary research, I
used questionnaires and interviews for primary research methods and I used
internet websites for secondary sources.
In questionnaires and interviews, Main findings and general trends included:
!Teenager and adult know what are physical disabilities.
!Teenager and adult would like to help disabled people if they need.
!Teenager and adult are willing to work or study with disabled people and try
their best to help disabled people.
!Teenager and adult all take a neutral attitude toward the viewpoint “People
with disabilities are treated fairly in society”.
!All respondents hope that they can have a chance to do some voluntary
labor for disabled people.
Main findings and general trends from secondary research:
!Bullying disabled people exist in society.
!Not every school accept disabled people.
!From internet websites we can see, there are many articles about disabled
people, some of them are service for disabled people, public attitude towards
disabled people, how to communicate with disabled people etc.
These trends indicate for my research question.
One common view is that the whole people all accept disabled people.
My results clearly answered my question “If teenager and adult accept
individuals with physical disabilities.” We can see respondents show a clearly
and right attitude towards disabled people. No results disprove my research

Genders—Female and male.
Ages—Respondents are from three different age groups, 13-19, 20-50, 50+.
Two of my literature reviews are about bullying disabled people and people
who not accept disabled people, but in my results people all accept disabled