´╗┐The Galic War
caesar campaigned in gaul from 58 - 50 BC.
he was highly successful and his reputation and popularity amongst the roman people was greatly enhanced. this was aided by his letter writing campaign highlighting his success.
during the gallic wars caesar fought in more than 30 pitched battles. captured more than 1000, 000 men and 800 towns and killed over 1, 192, 000 people.

Political Developments in Rome 58-49 BC.
during the 50s rome descended into a type of anarchy. violence, bribery and corruption were rife.
gang warfare broke out in rome between the anti-pompey mob led by publius clodius pulcher (a supporter of ceasar) and the pro-pompey gang led by titus annius milo.
in 53BC the fighting was so bad no counsular elections were held. clodius was murdered by milo's gang. he was cremated in the senate house which was then burned down.
the triumvirate was beginning to unravel.

the demise of crassus.
further blows to the stability of the triumvirate came with the death of julis in 54BC.
crassus was the killed fighting the parthians in 54BC.
rome was being divided between the supporters of ceasar and the supporters of pompey.

Crassus was not without military experience. he had earlier quelled a rebellion involving 70, 000 slaves and a troublesome individual called spartacus.

Pompey the Saviour!
to curb the violence the senate passed a senatus consultum ulrimum and elected pompey as sole sonsul.
during this time, the relationship between caesar and pompey cooled. pompey withdrew 2 legions he had loaned caesar and began to side more with the senate.
in 50 BC pompey was given control of all the forces in italy and asked by the optimates and senate to save the republic.
caesar tried to copromise but his offers were rejected and he was declared a public enemy of rome.

The civil war.
in 49BC the civil war broke out when caesar crossed the rubicon river, the border between his province and italy. by doing so he committed...