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Malak Ayoub |
3/13/2015 |

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Cadbury Beverages, Inc. is beverages manufacturing company. It is division of Schweppes PLC. It is created in 1969 by a merger of Schweppes PLC and Cadbury. After that in late 1989, Cadbury beverages acquired Crush, hires and Sundorp brand form Procter and gamble company.
In 1989 Cadbury Schweppes PLC was world largest multinational company with third largest soft drink (behind Coca-Cola and Pepsi) with having $4.6 billion sale and work in 110 countries.   It is account for 60% company sale 53% of its operating income.
Furthermore, on that time Cadbury beverages, Inc. was the 4th biggest soft drink company marketer in US (after Coca-Cola, Pepsi Dr. Pepper-7up) with having 3.4% market share and in some soft drink categories it was market leader.
Issue statement
  1. Efforts for Rejuvenate bottling network for crush brand on immediate bases.
  2. For brand equity build up base positioning.
  3. New promoting and advertisement program, which included objectives setting, developing strategies, budget for 43 billion sales in US.

SWOT Analysis

Critical issues
  * Not cannibalize Sunkist sales
  * Avoid direct competition with slice and Minute in diet segment
  * Customer franchise buildup
  * Dominated by Coca Cola and Pepsi Co
List of alternatives
  1. Focus on to provide shelf  
  2.   Increase market share to 15% and also increase sale in diet orange crush
  3. Increase the advertisement budget for bran awareness for making strong relation with bottlers increase promotion budget
  4. Target 13-29 years and household special children
  5. Broader spectrum of media use is targeted areas
  6. Manufacture basic flavors
  7. Focus on to provide shelf space for end consumer
  8. Because crush is re launching their brand, the strivers will be the first to jump onto the new trend of...