Cache Supporting Learning and Teaching in Schools

CYP3.4, 1.4 Name: Linda Ward
Many pupils arrive by coach or mini bus; these pupils are received by the teaching assistants and led to the playground where they are watched by members of staff until the morning bell rings.
The primary pupils are collected by their teachers and the secondary children enter the school independently.
Once pupils are inside the school the gates on the perimeter are locked and the main entrance can only be opened by a door entry code or the receptionist.
The primary children are unable to leave the class room without a teacher opening the door as there is a higher and lower door handle.
As the children have special needs the school would be made aware of any late comers in advance and would be brought to reception by their parent/guardian or career on the coach/mini bus on arrival.
On arrival visitors enter the school through the main entrance and have to sign into the Visitors book and are then given a Visitors pass to be worn at all times. New visitors would be collected by a member of staff and would be supervised at all times. Volunteers within the school require a DBS check.
At the end of the day pupils are either collected by their parent/guardian or taken home on a coach or mini bus. When a child is collected by a parent/guardian reception will telephone the classroom to inform the teacher so they may accompany and hand over the child to parent. Pupils leaving by coach/mini bus are taken to an allocated classroom where they wait until they are called for their relevant bus queue and accompanied by a member of staff whom checks each child onto there transport home.
There is a ramp at the main entrance for disabled visitors and also disabled toilets with changing area. This is a special needs school that only caters for learning disabilities and does not take children with physical disabilities.
The school is advised by specialists for children with visual...