Cabin Bluff

The smell of the rotting flesh stained the walls of the two-story cabin in Woodbine, Georgia called Cabin Bluff. The cabin, being as isolated as it was a perfect location to get rest, relaxation and also to keep others from hearing the terrifying screams of number 22 and 23. As Officers Donovan McCartney and Susan Baker pull up to the crime scene the smell is overwhelming it makes Susan gag. “Are you ok Suzy?” Don sympathizes. “I’m fine Don and don’t call me Suzy,” Susan scolded. “I’m just watching out for my partner, Suzy” Don teases, “Well I’m fine, Donny, let’s just get this over with.”
Don and Susan walk into the cabin being cautious of where they step and examining fast as to not lose their lunch. Blood smeared across every wall, caked on and fully dried into a blackish red. The couple that were murdered in the cabin were tossed around like rag dolls randomly. The male, unidentified, was flung over the kitchen counter with the number 22 carved into his forehead was sliced vertically starting from the top of the chest cavity all the way down to the navel kept open with two large metal clamps which stretched his skin to the point of nearly ripping. Many of his organs are missing but there is a pan on the stove with chunks of cooked meat still in it.
“The murderer ate him?” asked Suzan, “Yes, like a Korean Barbeque,” Don humored, “That’s not funny Don, this guy is a sick S.O.B!” “I know Suzy I’m just trying to make light of this f*caked up situation,” “Don, can I ask something of you?” “Sure anything you want Suzy,” “Ok then quite calling me Suzy!” They walked on to the next scene, the bedroom, the woman, identified as Kassandra Stevenson, was laid on the bed with both arms tied to the head of the bed with lacerations on her wrist and bruises all over her body and the number 23 carved into her forehead. “Was she?” Susan gasped, “I’m afraid so,” Don sighed. “She was raped numerous times and she died 8 days after her partner,” “Wait does that mean…,” “Yes, the...