C300 Matrix Phase 2

C300 Service Capabilities Matrix
Phase II Relief
Army | Asset | Provides | Strengths/Limitations | Objectives |
| Sustainment Brigade(Theater Opening)(Theater Distribution)(Port) | LCU* Capability, Assist port-opening operations for the flow of relief into Haiti; graves registration, general life sustaining supplies (CL I, III, IV, VIII, and X).   ┬áCapable of managing, operating, and directing a large-theater distribution network | Strength: Discharges cargo directly into an improved port, degraded port or directly onto the beach; ground transportation assets, forklifts for airfield delivery and arrival groups; water purification.Limitation: Number of LCUs available and limited graves registration personnel; needs augmentation team.   Need for augmentation/assistance from by host-nation support (HNS) and contracted operations, to include naval and US Coast Guard (USCG) elements. | B-2-a.B-2-b.B-2-c.B-2-e. |
| Aviation Brigade | Heavy lift and air cargo; air evacuation | S: Quickly deployed, lift for disaster area, air delivery in strategic locations.L: Need ground support personnel to unload cargo; weather; requires robust maintenance and fuel footprint; airfield delivery and arrival groups | B-2-b.B-2-c.B-2-d.B-2-e. |
| Airborne Infantry Brigade | Provide initial C2, HA, disaster   assistance and security/force protection | S: Quickly deployed, large manpower work force, heavily armed for security and FP missions, command and staff for C2 (HHC).   Equipped with tents and shelters for displaced civilians.L: Troop transportation is limited, will require augmented support from sustainment BDE.   Will require logistics footprint to support long deployment. | B-2-c.B-2-d.B-2-e. |
| MP Brigade | Police/security forces and military working dogs to assist with force protection, traffic control points. | S: Specialized police force and dog handlers; quickly deployedL: Small units and limited number of forces available for deployment | B-2-c.B-2-d. |
| Medical...