C170 Essay

C170 Essay Requirement
MAJ Brian E. Jezewski

Did you know that the South Carolina Army National Guard recently completed the largest deployment of vehicles since World War II?   Did you know that the 218th Brigade Support Battalion is the only National Guard logistics element that will be supporting and sustaining others at a large disaster like “911”?   The reason you probably did not know this is because the unit’s leaders failed to properly use the media.   I am the Battalion staff officer that is going to get our message to the public by using effective media relations and public speaking, as learned in the C141 block of instruction.   The Media Relations courses had the greatest impact on me, during Intermediate Level Education. I will use lessons and the course material to better present the unit to the public. I feel that using aspects of the C141 media relations course will benefit my military career, my civilian career, and most importantly the mission of my unit.

The concepts taught in the course will be used to gain a positive light on the unit, in the public’s eye.   The use of a media plan, development of a public affairs representative at each unit, and comprehensive training of the unit soldiers will enable members of the unit to minimize any potential for negative media interactions.   The troops will be able to represent the unit in a proper manner, with the proper information.   The first step is to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for media relations. I can then train the troops in media relations.   As the soldiers gain more knowledge of the unit’s history, importance and accomplishments, they will develop an “esprirt de corps” that will spread throughout the Battalion.   This action will then cause the soldiers to develop a sense of worth in himself as he gets more freely involved, and allowed to participate, in the program.   Who doesn’t want their picture in the paper or their name in the...