C133 Student Idp

(1) Officer’s Name | (2) Mentor / Advisor | (3) Date (1st Session) | (4) Date (2nd Session) | (5) (3rd Session) | (6) Date (4thSession) | (7) Date (5thSession) |
| | 30 Sep 2010 | 12 Dec 2010 | 17 Mar 2011 | TBD- Jun 2011 | TBD- Sep 2011 |
(8) Focus (brief description of long-term end-state – approx 5 -10 years) |
To progress through the Nurse Corps and become an expert in areas concerning nursing/patient management in a TDA and TOE environment, ending my career as a LTC with 22 years of service. My basic philosophy is to give my best in everything I do and to maintain my personal commitment to my wife and kids. I want to be the best officer and leader that I can be and maximize the learning opportunities made available to me. I hope to be the best husband and father I can be, given the circumstance of my willingness and duty to serve my country. I also aspire to become a more marketable individual when I leave the Army after my service is done. |
(9) Mid-Term Developmental Goals: (approx 2-5 years) Professional (competence and attributes);   Personal (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional)Relationships (family, friends) |
1. I would like to increase my professional knowledge and abilities outside of the Army Nurse Corps2. I commit myself in becoming more proficient in deployment aspects of the AMEDD3. I aspire to be a Chief Nurse of a MEDDAC, realizing that I need to become a more rounded individual and attain the experiences needed for higher command | 7. I am committed to increase my involvement with local youth programs |
4. Knowing that my life in the Army will come to an end, I would like to venture into a new career that makes use of the management skills I have acquired | |
5. Considering the sacrifices my wife has made, I would like to spend more quality time with her and the kids. | |
6. I also want to maintain my physical conditioning and complete a marathon | |
| |
| |