C.R.A.P Images

The aim of this folio is to present 3 different examples of each Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity in magazines, posters, newspapers, and other forms of media. |

C.R.A.P examples
1. Looking at a “subscribe to Top Gear magazine” ad, I can see that the editors have used contrast to attract attention to the “subscribe now” and the “how to pay” part. They have done this by putting the heading in large orange text, and completing it with the brand logo, also by highlighting the how to pay in yellow, and placing large, bold text to make the more important things on the page the first thing that a reader would look at, and making the lesser important things, something that would be looked at after capturing the reader’s attention.
2. Through the newspaper I can see that they try to make the more happy stories have a more colourful, happy picture grouped with them. This is done by giving the pictures a nice colourful background, with smiling people placed in front of them.
3. Looking at an ad in the newspaper I can see contrast. It has “red hot prices” in orange and then marks the prices in orange to link the two together.

1. Looking in the Advertiser you can see the repetition of the brand name, website, and the date that the newspaper was issued on every page on either the bottom left or bottom right side of the page. It is also followed by the page number on the bottom outer edges of every page.
2. The way that some of the smaller articles are set up in the advertiser and very similar. For the smaller articles that share one page between them they generally have the same theme, same text, same style of writing, and the same borders for the pictures used.
3. The newspaper has repetitive text that is used all throughout the paper.

1. By looking at an article in the Advertiser I can see the alignment used to create it. It has the picture in the centre of the page, a large title that fills the whole page, and a...