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Array in c

Array tutorials in c programming language by examples

An array is derived data type in c programming language which can store similar type of data in continuous memory location. Data may be primitive type (int, char, float, double…), address of union, structure, pointer, function or another array.

Example of array declaration:

int arr[5];
char arr[5];
float arr[5];
long double arr[5];
char * arr[5];
int (arr[])();
double ** arr[5];

Array is useful when:

(a) We have to store large number of data of similar type. If we have large number of similar kind of variable then it is very difficult to remember name of all variables and write the program. For example:

int main(){
    int ax=1;
    int b=2;
    int cg=5;
    int dff=7;
    int am=8;
    int raja=0;
    int rani=11;
    int xxx=5;
    int yyy=90;
    int p;
    int q;
    int r;
    int avg;

    return 0;        
If we will use array then above program can be written...