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Assignment 113


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Some learners may have difficulties accessing training and educational opportunities, and education providers need to be flexible in their approach to delivering their programmes (Minton 2003). Dally’s College runs a wide variety of courses and offer these in a variety of options: full time, part time and now distance learning. Distance learning can be delivered in varying ways and may be a mix of one or more methods. Some of the patterns of study include:
• Attendance at college at regular intervals
• Non-attendance at college
• Sessions on other premises
• There may be blocks of time when groups of students can come together
(Minton 2003)

I am course manager for a distance learning programme in canine behaviour and training, which at first sounds a rather bizarre course to run via a distance learning approach. However, various strategies are employed to ensure that both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course are delivered effectively. One of the most valuable and flexible tools that I employ is the college’s Virtual Learning environment (VLE) which allows me to communicate much more effectively with my learners. The VLE is not my only source of contact with my learners; they do attend college for induction days, weekend sessions and block weeks. However only the block weeks are compulsory, which does cause some difficulties as some learners choose not to attend the weekend sessions and we do not get to meet them face to face until they attend the block week at the end of their first year.

This has meant that the course team have had to develop a range of ways of communicating with our learners and this is further complicated by the fact the only part of the cohort of learners studies by distance, the other part of the cohort attends college one evening a week. The...