C & G 7304 Assignment

Unit 1 Theory Assignment 4- Ground Rules.

Ground rules are necessary to set clear standards to enable both students and teachers to respect each other and behave in a manner which encourages learning.

Mandatory and Organisational ground rules must be set out clearly from the very start, we must explain our organisations procedures for health and safety for example fire drills, school disciplinary procedures, punctuality, respect for each other and to act in a way which promotes the College in a positive way.

Negotiated grounds rules are set with the agreement of the whole class such as; flexibility around when classes start, to make sure everybody is present in case any students are having problems with transport timetables or child care issues,   agreeing not to   interrupt others when they are speaking.

Teaching Mandatory and Organisational ground rules.

The use of a student handbook or prepared handouts can be an effective method for providing the mandatory rules in a written format which can be retained by each student, clearly defining the rules to be followed; equally effective are posters on the classroom walls, which can be referred to at any time. Getting the students to create the posters themselves helps to underpin the rules and serves as a constant reminder when placed around the classroom. Setting deadlines for homework and assignments to be handed in.

Discussing the rules with the whole class, can also help the students to understand how they keep to them and how we can work together to make the learner journey safe and enjoyable.

Teaching negotiated ground rules.

We can set guidelines with mutual agreement from the students by listening to each students opinion and negotiating with them, these rules are more likely to be followed because we have given the students part ownership, it shows them that we respect their thoughts and feelings and hopefully goes some way to...
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