Bypass the story of a road

‘This is not so much the story of a road, as the story of people whose lives have been affected by the road’ Discuss

Mcgirr talks about how the history of the road he journeys across, he also talks about how the road used to travel through or by towns or shops giving them business etc. Now these places have been bypassed. The people’s lives have been affected dramatically.
In 1982 Hume and hovel to travellers headed off from gunning to south port-Phillip then to Melbourne travelling along the Hume highway. Hume and hovels travels began rolling out the course of what was to become the Hume highway, a road which began life as a track linking properties increasingly distant from Sydney. Hume and hovel isn’t the only people to travel along the Hume. Lady Jane Franklin was the first lady to travel along the Hume highway. She travelled with servants, two policemen and three gentlemen. She took a different path on the Hume compared to Hume and hovel she went up north she went from Sydney to Melbourne.   Cliff young at age 61 travelled across the Hume also although cliff young travelled a little different to Mcgirr, Hume and hovel and Lady Jane Franklin he walked across the Hume from Sydney to Melbourne in gum boots for a marathon.
A historical moment that had happened on the Hume highway was the truck blockade in 1979 on Razorback Mountain. Being a truck driver would be extremely difficult, for example being away from your loved ones all the time etc. For ten days before Easter the road was blocked by the very people whose livelihood depended on it. The blockade caused major drama because of the cargo the trucks were holding, food, supplies. They are very important things we need in everyday life. The blockade was 10 days long so for those 10 days people who lived n Melbourne or Sydney could not get there supplies. The blockade was caused by truck tax it was costing the truck drivers more to drive the truck then to pay off their...