10 things you should never buy new
By Donna Werbner

Never, ever buy this stuff new - get it second-hand or free instead!
Before buying an item new, it’s always a good idea to stop and ask youself: Is there any way you could get the same item, or a decent equivalent, for less if you buy it second-hand? Can you even get it for free?
Follow some of these tips, and you could cut your shopping bills by as much as 50%!
1) Designer clothes
Why pay rip-off prices for a new piece of designer clothing? Instead, simply head to a ‘swishing’ party and swap any designer clothes you currently own with like-minded fashionistas. Check out for details of swishing events near you, or swap them online via Posh Swaps and BigWardrobe. Alternatively, invite some friends round to yours and host your own clothes swapping party!
2) Electrical goods
You may worry that if you buy electrical goods secondhand, they won’t work. But did you know several well-known high street retailers sell their reconditioned electrical goods online, complete with limited warranties? For example:
  * the Comet Clearance auction website specialises in refurbished kitchen appliances
  * the Tesco Outlet on eBay sells everything from refurbished digital cameras to televisions
  * Argos Clearance Bargains sells a wide range of refurbished electrical goods including laptops and DIY tools
  * whilst MPB Photographic sells high-end used digital camera equipment.
Just remember to research such websites first using search engines, to pick up any bad reviews.
3) Self-assembly furniture
Why bother buying furniture from Ikea and Homebase when community freebie sites such as Freegleand SnaffleUp often offer the items you want, pre-assembled, for free? You can even post ‘wanted’ notices asking for specific items. Alternatively, find out where regular house clearance auctions are held in your local area, and bag some bargains that way.
4) Cars
Everyone knows the price of...