Buyer Motivation

Buyer Motivation- Price mart

Price Mart , a Shopping Club, opened its membership shopping to Trinidadians on 4th August, 2000.
Why do customers shop at Price Mart?
What is the buyer motivation to shop at Price Mart?
Price Mart understands the buyers needs and are able to sell almost anything under ‘warehouse roof’.
They understood customers need to have certain food items such as rice flour oil “breeze” etc. under one roof to encourage persons to visit Price Mart with a “Grocery Shopping’ purpose. When this need encourages customers to visit the warehouses other attractive items are positioned strategically to capture the wants of the customer.
In addition to need customers like the convenience of Price Mart. Their geographic locations are place strategically throughout the country making access to the Warehouses easier. Their large compound with sufficient parking, even having sheltered parking in some locations in case of bad weather conditions, adds to the convenience. Additionally they offer a variety of fast food to their customers who wish to purchase as well as digital photo print for a competitive price to their members completing the family oriented shopping experience. Their opening and closing hours also make it convenient to all. Online shopping and in store pick up also boosts the convenience factor.
Members also have a sense of pride to an extent when they attain a Price Mart membership. Price mart understands the desire that customers may want and the vanity, feeling that customers may want. The membership card is also implemented, not only to cater for a certain type of customer and track purchases for inventory etc. but also to give the member that sense of belonging and the ability to boast when they purchase a unique item from the store.
Price mart takes advantage pleasure buying as they spread their items over a large compound stocking their isles...