Busubess Unit 16

|BTEC National Certificate \ Diploma in Business                                                                               |
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|Unit 16 – Human Resource Management in Business                                                                               |
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                        Learning Outcomes:

To achieve this unit you must:
1. Know the factors that are involved in human resource planning in organisations
2. Know how organisations motivate employees
3. Understand how to gain committed employee co-operation
4. Understand the importance of managing employee performance at work,

|This unit is designed around where you are employed.   Another option is that you could use information from where your         |
|relatives work.   However you wish to attempt this unit, the work must be applied to an actual business.                       |

Task 1- Report P1, P2 and M1 (Report)

(P1) From analysing your chosen organisation – describe the internal and external factors to be considered when manpower planning; to include:
    • What is manpower planning?
    • Is there a gap between the demand for labour and supply of labour for particular skills?
    • Which particular skills is the organisation short of?
    • How is the organisation going to overcome this problem?
    • Will the organisation look inside to fill these gaps?
    • What is the external situation like in the local labour market? Give details – perhaps a graph
    • Is there more or less competition for your business than 5 years ago? Explain.
    • How has this affected the number of...