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Business responding to BusinessTesco is a public limited company that operates in the United Kingdom. It is a major food retailer that operates 2,291 supermarkets while operating around 2,318 worldwide and the rest of Europe and Asia. This company also offers financial products e.g. insurance and banking services, electrical appliances and telecommunication products.
The Revenue for February 2004 is: £33,557 million, an increase of 18.7% against the previous year’s revenues that has the cost of £28,280 million
The strengths of Tesco’s are: It has a very good buying power; therefore it could buy the stores that are failing to succeed in business. Another strength they have is consumer confidence; this portrays that their customers are sure that they will get a good value of facilities, money and service. Tesco also provides the customers with club cards and surveys to keep their customers happy they also do that by progressing on their feedback.
Other strengths of Tesco are:

•   Increasing market share - Tesco holds a 13% share of the UK retail market. If the geographical spread continues to grow rapidly then this will ensure that Tesco’s regional strength is continued.
• Insurance - In fiscal 2003 Tesco Personal Finance reached the change of one million motor insurance policies which made it one of the fastest growing motor insurance providers ever.
• Tesco online - Tesco.com is the world’s biggest and successful online supermarket and this year the group had sales of over £577 million which is an increase of 29% on last year.
• Brand value - Profits for Tesco’s operations in Europe.

However the weaknesses of Tesco’s are that their profit levels were impacted by bad debit and money that hasn’t been paid of earlier/credit arrears. This therefore suggests that they are not making as much profit for their store. Tesco is also struggling because they

Tesco’s profit levels were impacted by bad debit, credit arrears. This suggests that they are not making...