Businessweek Magazine

GBA 523
Prof. James Freely

Business week Magazine#1
  Through last week from “Business week magazine” I was able to catch many “hot spot” around global economic and business news. I am just picking two big events to show up my own opinion.
  The first picked event is about “BABA”, “On 19 September 2014, Alibaba's shares (BABA) began trading on the NYSE at an opening price of $92.70 at 11:55am EST.” I think it’s going to be a historic moment in global e-commerce. Alibaba, the largest e-commerce company in China, is growing surprisingly nowadays. Indubitably, as a Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba represents a new era and its success means an “American business dream” has come true.
  From my point of view, Alibaba, at present, is walking on the road to a better and faster development. Like analyzing many other corporations learned in “Management Science”, we can just regard Alibaba as one "case" to research and figure out whether there is big potential behind it or not. However, we need more calmly to wait and see the development of Alibaba on running its business in US.
  The second event about iPhone.   Apple Company sold more than 10 million of its new iPhones over the weekend. This is the biggest opening weekend for iPhones in the company’s history, which was to be expected.
  In my opinion, Apple made just few improvements on its IPhone 6 but people would still rush to buy it cause the truth is that, today Apple has become something people identify themselves as part as a group. However, the new iphone mode is totally different to previous versions on design and tech, which has bigger screen and become most appealing on tech system. There is another reason to rush many and many Chinese living in the United States to buy new iPhone, because china still not appear in the “starting-sale list” now and many in china are so expecting to get new iphone.