Business Research applications Paper
Carrie Johnson
December 20, 2010
Michele Y. Burpeau-DiGregorio

Business Research applications Paper
I work for Federal Court for the United States of America.   I work in the jury office and we have ongoing research in many areas.   We are currently conducting research in the following areas behavioral research, cost analysis and market research.
The area of behavioral research is very important in our office.   The state of Pennsylvania is divided into three sections and I manage the jury office for the Western District of Pennsylvania.   One of the areas that we conduct behavioral research is responses to a jury summons.   We have jurisdiction over 23 countries.   We do comparisons from each county to non-responses to jury summons.   We try and target that county to build our percentage to our summons.   We also conduct behavioral research to see how jury verdicts are decided and what geographic area they come from.   We also research income, race and gender.   Our office needs to have a fair and true cross-section of every county in our jurisdiction.   We recently went on-line with our jury summons procedures to make it easier to respond to the summons.   The last piece of research we are currently doing is studying and analyzing the counties that have the highest and lowest percentage of filling out our summons on-line through our software called e-juror.
The research of cost analysis to our court is mainly conducted to see how we can save the court money.   We are currently conducting research to see how we can become a more cost effective department.   Our jurors are paid by a paper check.   The research that is on-going is to see ways we can financially compensate our jurors by EBT or a debit card.   The court just recently concluded research just on postage alone that results in mailing out checks.   It would save the court approximately $100,000 if we deposited the juror’s pay electronically.   The area that is still...

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