In Palo Alto, California, a house and shed are built at 367 (then numbered 369) Addison Ave. First documented residents are Dr. John Spencer, a physician; his wife, Ione, and two adult daughters, Alice and Martha. In 1909, Dr. Spencer is named the first mayor of Palo Alto under the charter form of government.
The house is divided into two apartments numbered 367 and 369.
A 12 x 18 foot garage appears on Sanborn Insurance maps of Palo Alto. This roughly coincides with the paving of the city streets to accommodate the increasing number of automobiles.

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard graduate from Stanford University.
Dave moves to Schenectady, New York to work for General Electric. Bill completes graduate work at Stanford.
Bill completes graduate work at MIT and returns to Palo Alto, as a Stanford research assistant to develop medical equipment for a San Francisco doctor. (Arranged by Stanford professor Fred Terman.)
Dave visits Bill in Palo Alto; they have their first official business meeting.
During the summer, Fred Terman arranges a Stanford fellowship for Dave to work with Russ Varian on vacuum tube technology. Dave takes a leave of absence from GE to move back to Palo Alto and "make a run for it" with Bill.

Bill searches for an apartment for Dave and specifically chooses 367 Addison Avenue because it has a garage that the two of them can work in.

In September Dave and Lucile move into the three-room apartment on the first floor (#367), and Bill moves into a shed in the back. Mrs. Spencer, the now-widowed landlady, lives in the upstairs apartment (#369).

Bill and Dave begin part-time work in the garage with $538 in working capital. The $538 consists of cash and a used Sears Craftsman drill press. They develop an audio oscillator, HP’s first product.

January 1, Bill and Dave formalize their partnership. They decide the company’s name with a coin toss.

Bill moves out of the shed when he...