A. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of buying either the A380 or the 787 Dreamliner
Advantages   of Airbus A380
A380 in the world's largest commercial airline, got the biggest capacity long-range capability. Therefore, you have every seat / kilometer costs by 20% with the current 787.

Since the A380 can carry more people, which means that airlines do not need to buy a lot of small aircraft to match the same number of passengers, so it helps to reduce the congestions on some very busy airport like London Heathrow Airport, Hong Kong etc. ...

Because it was a great dimensions, two sailors large wingspan. All airports will need to be modified in order for the Airbus A380. This includes wider taxiways, specially designed for the double-decker commuter walkway.

Advantages Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
Without bloodshed electrical system architecture is one of the advantages of greater efficiency in reducing fuel consumption - The 787 systems, architecture is expected to be accounted for about 3% fuel savings. 787 also provides operators with operational efficiency, due to electrical system, pneumatic system compared to the weight and lower life-cycle cost advantages.

Airbus A380 | Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner |
PriceAirbus A380-800 costs about $ 318 million, which is more than all of the Jet jet and propeller aircraft, the average level was 695% more expensive. | PriceBoeing 787-8 Dreamliner to spend about $ 157 million, which is all of the Jet jet and propeller aircraft, the average price is higher than 292.5 percent. |
SeatingThe aircraft can accommodate 853 passengers, which is much higher than all of the Jet jet and propeller aircraft average. | SeatingThe aircraft can accommodate 250 passengers, which is more than moderate all jet and propeller aircraft Jet average. |
RangeAirbus A380-800 can direct flights up to 8,500 sea miles miles, this is all jet aircraft propeller aircraft an average of over 5,430 nautical miles. For...