Waukegan Materials Employees Recognition Program
A Case Study

Ashford University
Rebecca Rosenwasser

Employee recognition is a great program to have within the work place. It requires some non verbal communication to participate in such a program.   In chapter 9 case 9-2 I am act as a division manager and recognize these factors.
As a Division Manager I have identified that an employee recognition program was needed. When I identified the problem I sent my recommendation to President and the board of our company Waukegan Materials Inc.   After it was presented to the board I was sent back a memo to inform me that my recommendation has been accepted and that they have chosen a Mr. Delbert R. Finch as the first recipient of this quarter. He has been chosen based on his outstanding work ethic.
In the letter I received, I was asked to create a letter to be presented to a Mr. Delbert R. Finch as to have it be more personable coming from a division manager that works with him on a regular basis.
My first nonverbal action was to write an inter- office recommendation to the board. Which was then confirmed and responded to by another nonverbal communication memo. In which I was to reply to with another memo and a formal business letter.
The employee Mr. Finch is to receive the recognition award based on his non verbal communications within the company. He exceeded expectation with his order and processing of supplies needed. Keeps a physical appearance and is able to control and liked by employees.   He uses his time professionally and in fact has not even missed one day of work. He is a very productive worker.   Mr. Finch respects when a person speaks, minimizes all distractions and get the job done.
Mr. Finch is the perfect candidate that has been chosen. He demonstrates all required skills needed to succeed.

Waukegan Materials Inc.
3400 Sheridan Road
Waukegan, Illinois   60620

DATE: 4/2/2012
TO:   Paul Magers, President Waukegan Materials; Executive Board, Waukegan...