Family Business
LS312 Ethics and the Legal Environment

          The person that is a stakeholder is Jane she was just hired right out of college, doing payroll for R & S Electronic Service Company. She was hired as the manager of the payroll department. She has to work alongside of Brad which is the owner of the business, Eddie who is the general manager and Greg who is the service technician of R & S Electronics. As anyone would be Jane want to make sure that her job is secure. This is a big concern of hers. This is Jane’s first job out of college, who knows if she has student loans to repay? And then, her own cost of living might be a concern for her. Upon meeting Brad, the owner of R&S, Jane believes that he wants his employee to be mentally happy at work and he commends employees for their work. Even though Brad is the owner, Eddie has the ability to fire and hire people. Jane also learns that Greg and Eddie are brothers and she now knows why Greg receives special favors over other employees. Jane on many occasions she has witness Eddie giving his brother Greg higher commissions work for the easiest work, then others (Arthur Andersen, 1992).
Jane’s has other stakeholders in this study; she has her family and her will of keeping employment. She might have to help her family pay back the loans from college, being this was her first job from college. Other stakeholders in this case of interest would be Jane’s family and the importance of her keeping her job. It does not appear that Jane has any kids to take care of this would not be a factor of her keeping her job.   There are others that also have a stake in this company. The other employees they want their paycheck each payday, they want to keep their jobs and want their privacy as well about their employment. The other stakeholders are the general public and shareholders they care about the company being profitable and bringing revenue to the community.
What is being violated here is I believe...