Funding My Way Towards Success
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It is true what they say; money definitely makes the world go ‘round.   Money is needed to, do, see, create, live, eat, purchase, produce, take care of and so forth.   Without money, for any source, someone that may have the dream of creating the ultimate product may never be able to allow the dream to become reality.   Often as individuals we come up with ‘off the wall’ ideas to invent items that we believe, no one else, may have not thought of yet.   However, either an individual’s idea or ideas never make it on to the market or someone else tends to beat them to it, simply because, one did not have the funds and or did not know how to obtain the funds needed to produce the product, or open a business or whatever the case may be.   If wanting to put an idea into play one has to thoroughly look into the options laid out to do so.   This report will give a brief summary on different routes one may take to generate funding, as well as defining and identifying the uses of Investment Banker, Stock Market, Financial Management, Risk Financing along with a bit of decision making and reasoning.

Funding My Way Towards Success
Investment Banker, Stock Market, Financial Management and Risk Financing, what does all this mean?   What do they do, and how important are they really?  
Beginning with Investment Banker, I absolutely love that title, but what exactly is an Investment banker?   An Investment Banker is described as an individual or possibly an institute that works as an agent issuing securities as well as looking to inform and advise corporations about items such as mergers, private equity and reconstruction of corporations. When dealing with investment banks, they do not work like your traditional bank; don’t expect to make deposits or even apply for individual loans.
Stock Market provides a market dedicated to the public to embark in trading company stocks or shares.   This is where companies look to when...