1. Solar panels (accumulators) are not cheap; and because they are constructed from fragile materials such as glass they must constantly be maintained and often replaced. You need a large number of mirror installations to generate the heat. This takes up a lot of land, which makes the projects very expensive considering the general cost of building and maintaining the installation
  2. Its availability during the day time since the sun is arise, so that we can't get the solar power during the night because the no source of it nightly. Even though the sun rises on the whole world still not all the countries can get or get benefit from the heat of the sun, and that based on the distribution of the countries in the whole world so we have different scale of the sun. The countries with hot claimant can produce solar power such as uae.

  3.   To produce solar power we have to go through process to form the power into used one so we can’t use this power directly
  4. Despite fact that the non renewable resource are limited but still they are cheaper to get, therefore the solar power is expensive than oil because it's need expensive material .
  5. As we mentioned that not all the countries can produce solar power and it needs a   hot claimant   that can tell us there is dust in the area so by the time it will make a layer of dust on the instruments of producing the solar power   and it will cause reduce the efficiency of the process for example the power we get in one hour with the layer of the dust will take 2 hour.
  6. The investor are attracted to spend huge capital on oil than spending it on solar power because lacking of solar energy programs and research

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