My Code of Ethics
When starting my business I will need to set up a code of ethics. Here are five values that I will use: Integrity, Respect, Improvement, Courage and Citizenship. While each of these is fairly easy to understand, I do believe that a brief explanation is appropriate to put them into context:
  * Integrity: My business will not damage its integrity to make a profit. We will be accountable to our employees, customers and shareholders for achieving our goals while protecting our reputation and assets.
  * Respect: My business will offer a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. We treat everybody with dignity and respect. We will value the differences in people‚Äôs thinking, backgrounds and cultures.
  * Improvement: My business will continuously search for new and better ways of doing things and to eliminate waste. We challenge the status quo and may be required to stretch goals. We work as a team to set boundaries to attain our goals.
  * Courage: My business will have the personal and professional courage to do the right thing and to take risks. We will make decisions and take action on them. We will not reprimand failure but we will learn from them.
  * Citizenship: My business will employ any local and national citizen. We will participate in making the world a better place to live.
From this view, if we live the values set forth above we will have incredible success with our customers, suppliers, and our investors. The employees will be the highest performing in the industry and we will be able to attract the best talent to fill open positions.