Small Businesses and Their Tricks
The small business marketplace is extremely dynamic.
According to business experts, of all the small business startups, one-third of them are profitable and successful, a third of them just about break-even and the rest of them are down with negative earnings.
Sales representatives are found in nearly all industry segments. One of the most common places to find salespeople is in the retail environment. At this level, representatives may work on commission, or they may receive a straight salary. In some cases, the selling is passive, where sales representatives wait for customers to come into the store, or even into their department. In other cases, sales representatives actively seek out customers in order to communicate the features and benefits of the particular products. 
Whether a company is engaged in manufacturing a product or providing a service, they depend on sales representatives to sell their product to their customers. This means that sales professionals are a critical part of most businesses. Marketing activities can promote the item; pricing and distribution strategies can put the item in the right place at the right price. There are many types of sales careers such as retail sales of low-priced items to selling high-priced items to corporate accounts. Some companies consist almost entirely of sales professionals (representative agencies). This research examines the sales profession as a potential career, including the types of sales representatives in the market, knowledge and experience required, and compensation and future outlook.
Consumer minds are extremely easy to manipulate. When companies create deals and sales, they have teams design the best method to grab people’s attention.   This can be seen in the national event known as Black Friday.   Thousands of Americans camp outside retail stores to acquire what they believe is the best deal they will ever receive on select items.   However, what many of these...