Unit 4


    The future of Sandwich Blitz is being debated. Should the company open more restaurants and where should they open them. Sandwich Blitz has already proven to be a successful company. It is Dalman and Lei’s job to find out what is going to be the most profitable for the company.

    The company has several strengths, such as each location manager takes care of the own budget and customer issues themselves. They are at several good locations such as by universities and hospitals. They offer organic fresh food, which a lot of people are wanting more and more instead of the old greasy fast food, from other food chains.

    The weaknesses that they have is since the economy has really changed economically and people aren’t buying as much, they need to make every dollar count. There is another chain similar to Sandwich Blitz getting ready to come on to the scene, so this would create some competition.

    The opportunities that they have is that there is some space in the nearby area they because again of the economy, overhead would be minimal. Another good thing is that this is a company that is already established and is well liked. Dalman and Lei also have the knowledge of how to run a successful business, from the other locations.

    The threats that I see is that Dalman and Lei should be able to focus on the new locations 100% and not dealing with the everyday issues from the other locations. Before they open the new locations, they need to make sure that the overhead for the new locations are going to bring a positive return on investment.