Preparing an MRR

A guidance note



The purpose of this document is to offer guidance on the Management Research Report (MRR). For the purposes of this document, we are using MRR to represent both Management Research Reports and dissertations submitted by candidates at CIPD nationally assessed centres, PAC centres and also on approved university postgraduate and master’s programmes. It is informed by feedback from the CIPD Standards Moderation Team, which has the task of reviewing samples of candidate work across all centres to ensure consistency of standards.


What is the Management Research Report?

A fundamental feature of the CIPD Professional Standards is that qualified professionals should have strategic awareness, a business orientation and be concerned with adding value through people management and development practices. We expect qualified professionals to be able to write a competent report – on a people management and development issue – that seeks to persuade businesses or business partners to change or adopt a particular policy or practice. The MRR is your opportunity to demonstrate these qualities. As part of the Applied Personnel and Development Standards, it is an applied piece of work that should integrate theory, systematic enquiry and organisational practice. It is a practitioner-based enquiry that needs to reflect the positioning of our Standards at master’s level. It is therefore an opportunity to demonstrate your professional competence in an integrated piece of work. The MRR provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate the ability to investigate and diagnose a ‘live’ people management and development issue or problem, to locate your work within the body of contemporary knowledge, to collect and analyse data, to derive supportable conclusions and to make practical and actionable recommendations for change, improvement or enhancement to current practice. The MRR will normally relate to an issue in your...