Unit 2 Individual Project
Johnathon Alvarez
American Intercontinental University

The development of a comprehensive training program is an integral element of any successful business. A business should invest both the time, human, and financial resources necessary to give its staff a competitive edge by offering the appropriate training. In this missive, we will outline a training guideline for a sales team. We will provide areas of focus and offer solutions to areas of deficiency of the sales team.

Jorge Munoz, Director of Sales
Johnathon Alvarez, Senior Training Consultant
Subject: Sales Training
There is an awesome task that lies before us. We have been challenged to provide clear and comprehensive training to one of the most important work forces within our organization: our sales team. The Sales Team is one of the few teams that is directly responsible for the profitability of our organization. It is imperative that each member of our team understand and posses the skill set necessary to be successful. In this missive we will discuss the training objectives that will be presented in training to our sales team.
One of the most important concepts that the sales team must understand is that our customers will expect them to possess an exceptional level of knowledge about the products and services we offer. Our team must be motivated by their position. Our sales team is charged with the duty “to make customers interested in their merchandise and to arrange the sale of that merchandise” ( We need our team to push our products and services. If sales are not made, every department within our organization suffers. We need a sales team that is motivated by understanding the role of placing the right product in our customer’s hand. We need a team that is motivated by seeing our customer satisfied with the products that they purchase today and years to come. One of the greatest challenges that a sales team can face...