PART ONE- Separate paper from part two

Milestone 2: Business Recommendations Based on Economic Projections
         Resource: Attached paper labeled: Week 3 Paper
         Discuss three alternative economic futures for the industry you have selected that might occur in the economy over the next 5 years. Explain the likelihood of the economic futures occurring.
         Update your recommendations from Milestone 1 to include how your recommendations would need to be modified for the alternative economic futures.
         Recommend an appropriate course for your chosen organization to make business decisions based on the projected economy’s stage in the business cycle and the projected macroeconomic condition.
         Explain the evidence that supports these recommendations and how your recommendations might need to be modified for the alternative economic futures.
Note. There is no word count guideline for this assignment. You must fully address all of the required components of Milestone 2.   This can be anywhere from 300 to 400 words, no specific count needed.
Part 2- Separate paper from part one.

: Revenue, Cost Concepts, and Market Structure Proposal
         Resources:  Clear Hear scenario-attached.   See below *
         Create a 300 to 400-word business proposal in which you provide recommendations to the company for increasing revenue for the company, achieve ideal production levels, determine how fixed and variable costs should be adjusted to maximize profit, and identify methods to reduce costs. 
         Describe your process to make recommendations.
         Include economic concepts to provide support for recommendations.  

I only need to complete these two points for my   portion of the paper with the word count above.
         Achieve ideal production levels; determine how fixed...