The iPhone 6, which is the sixth instalment in their mobile phone series, is a breakthrough product that develops the overall marketing plan of Appleā€™s strategy. This business report will evaluate the impact on market share of the marketing strategies such as price skimming, e marketing used by Apple Inc. It will explain the marketing strategies used for the apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus. It will then further explain the effectiveness of two of these strategies in improving the market share of Apple.


Apple products go from the manufacturer to the wholesaler then finally to the retailer, which is either an Apple store, a retailer such as JBHifi, Harvey Norman, Dick smiths. The IPhone 6 product would be located in the certified high priced retail stores as mentioned, but stores such as Woolworths or K-mart sell the cheaper apple products, as they are not able to sell the product brand as well as what higher pricing stores are.

Price Skimming:
Skimming price is mostly used for technological products where the product demand is not consistent. Skimming price strategy is used to the market as it has customers who are ready to pay a premium for the product, and is far ahead from the competition. Furthermore, due to the high price, the correct positioning is obtained for the product, which helps in reaching the right target audience. A few months ago the IPhone 6 has been launched in the market, which sold in large quantities and at a very heavy price. In fact, after long debates and reviews regarding the quality and the increased price of the phone, people decided to wait until they will be able to buy the IPhone 6S. it is more then likely that in the next year, the prices will gradually decrease.   The strategy that Apple is using is known as the skimming pricing strategy. This strategy that Apple is using consists keeping the highest initial price that the first customers will pay...