Management BST 310
Case Study: MediSys Corp

This case is a primary assessment of your mastery of the skills and concepts we have studied since the first week of class.   This is a big deal!   We will devote two weeks to this case – one week for work days and one for presentations.   I urge you to devote the necessary time both inside and outside of class.   The objectives for this case mirror what you need to do for your final projects, which will be your final assessment opportunity of the semester.

Groups for this case will be assigned randomly.   This case is about teamwork and management of teams.   Your own experience managing your teams should be informative and will also be evaluated.   This type of case analysis with random teams is not an uncommon interview/junior associate task for consulting firms where individuals are evaluated based on how they perform in a group.

Class schedule (see syllabus for dates):
Medysis Moodle Quiz: Due before the first work day to make sure everyone has at least read the case.
Work Days:   Note: on work days I will be available to bounce off ideas, but I will not give you answers – this is an assessment activity.   I will typically respond to your questions with additional questions.
Work Day 1: Overview of the case, assignment of teams, initial team discussions and work assignments.   Feel free to do a “governing the group project” discussion for your Medysis teams!   You should come to class with at least draft answers to questions 1 – 7; BUT you should keep an open mind about the recommendation to discuss with your group.   By the end of the first work day your group should make a decision about modularity and have a plan for finishing the case analysis.
Work Day 2: I strongly suggest you start by putting your graphs on the board!   Then I would focus on making sure your analysis and recommendations are consistent and make a plan to finish your presentation.
Presentation Days: Everyone needs to be prepared to present on...