Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations

HRM 531
March 9, 2015
Jim Scholes, SPHR

Compensation and Benefits Strategies Recommendations
Landslide Limousines has a goal of increasing the net revenues of this business. The owner of the company believes it can reach the amount of $50,000. Generally, a business’ plans for growth, however it doesn’t always goes by the plan. Landslide Limousines’ desires to grow, but the owner will need to improve his process for this idea to happen. Advertisement is the physical line linking the brand to the business’ services or product. Advertising gives a visible point of contact for consumers to shift dedicated customers.   According to an article,” Small business owners invest a lot of themselves in their brand identity, which can make change painful.”   (Hemdom, 2012)   Advertising is vital for every company, along with an effective marketing approach which will assist in the growing of the business.
Advertisement will promote the business in positive result for a growing revenue. The company is a newly owned small business that will need to invest in advertisement at first, and then word of mouth will help the company grow. According to an article, “Advertising has been viewed as an effective marketing technique because one ad campaign has the potential to reach many people at once.” (Gould, 2015)   Landslide Limousines can advertise in free flyers, newspapers, or the internet and promote the company, leading to consumers being interested in his limousines services.   The internet could be expensive for Landslide, but they could only pay if consumers click their ad. These methods could help Landslide Limousines enhance their revenue and increase the growth of the business.

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