Leadership and Management
LDR/ 300
March 25, 2015

Leadership and Management
In every business there will be managers and the will be leaders. knowing the difference is essential in order to know if the people in place of authority will do the best job possible for the company. The following will define who a leader is and who a manager is; while differentiating between leaders and managers based on examples from the text, literature or personal experience;   different roles and functions of leadership and management; the similarities and differences of the roles. Using examples from the reading will differentiate between trait and process leadership. Finally from the text will rationalize the answers given including two additional peer-reviewed sources.
A leader is someone that people follow.   People who follow someone that is a leader believe in his or her purpose. To be a leader and individual has to give up any authoritative status, because a follower is voluntary.   “The process viewpoint suggests that leadership is a phenomenon that resides in the context of the interactions between leaders and followers and makes leadership available to everyone” (Northouse, 2013). To become a leader is a process that takes time, by getting to know and influencing people will result in creating a group of people that share the same values and goals. A leader can be the voice for group of people needing someone with the same viewpoints to take charge.
A manager has subordanance, people have to listen and do what their managers says even if they disagree or do not like it, management will not always have the full support of their people under them. “Management is to exercise executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of a group or organization” (Ricketts, 2009). Even though there is good and bad management, it takes a good manager to be able to   lead and have the full support and respect from all of their subordinates.
“Managers have a position of...