Business Work

The company should not be allowed to ask these questions. To begin with the questions have nothing to do with required skills or knowledge based on the job. These questions allow employers to discriminate based on sex, political, and religious beliefs. The company's practice or policy should evaluate the employees skills related to the particular job. North Carolina is not allowed to use political information to make decisions about people. In school we are taught how to handle the situation when asked similar questions in an interview. Employers that use such social media sites like face book to obtain information about an applicant can be against the law. This allows them to discriminate based on race, religion, marital status, etc. Therefore, employers should be restricted to their use of such information to make decisions of job candidates. I believe that background information and job relatedness questions are just enough information to decide whether the candidate is qualified for the job or not.
Part A
1. The "Big Five" factor structure has gained widespread acceptance by personality researchers and has greatly influenced the research into individual differences. There is also strong evidence that personality measures have utility in providing vocational and career guidance.
2. It is clear that certain Big Five factors and their combinations are correlated with career choice, success, and satisfaction.
3. The validity of personality test compared to general mental is a big difference. The ability of completing a job should not be based off a personality test. Someone with no personality might have the highest capability of putting together a product that can help your organization grow.
4. Yes, the faking on a test would undermine the usefulness of test, allowing the fakers to get the job sometimes. There has been research say like on a shop lifter that is applying for a retail manager, he or she might try to beat the test hoping to get the...