Business Understanding Retail Pass 2

This task I am going explain the process of distributing goods through different channels from the manufacturer to the customers. The term distribution means the process of delivering, storing and selling goods, so that they can be used by customers. (Source- Intermediate Retail and Distribution, Delivering is about what types of transport which are used to carrying and delivering goods, the types of transport is going to be Rail, Road, Air, Water for example rivers, ocean cargo and canals and People. Storing is about where the goods are going to come from and where they are going to be stored. Selling is going to be where you are going to sell the goods
Distribution Channel
Distribution channel is the chain of individuals and organisations involved in getting a product or service from the producer to the consumer. Distribution channels are also known as marketing channels or marketing distribution channels in this context, the individuals and organizations are known as intermediaries; channels are categorised according to the number of intermediaries between the producer and the end user. A direct marketing channel, for example, which has no intermediaries between the producer and the consumer, is known as a level zero channels.
Distribution Process
Supply Chain
A supply chain is the path leading from the raw materials a company uses, through manufacturing, distribution and selling until they reach the customer. So for a hotel, a supply chain would be the stages that you the organisation go through to deliver catering or other amenities to the guests, for example
Advantages: The benefit of channel 1 is that it has two intermediary levels in it which are wholesalers and retailers. The products that are manufactured or produced are sold to wholesalers in large quantities, which mean they are preserved in a larger area such as a warehouse. The retailers can then buy products from wholesalers in smaller quantities and even in different and separate...